Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're all sheep....

Question: How stupid is the average American or the law that comes out of the mistakes made? Does it surprise anyone that its illegal to bowl down the sidewalk in Chico? Or that in Fresno you can't host a Poker Tournament in an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? That must really upset all of the degenerate 9 year old gamblers!
In Lompoc its illegal to own roosters and in Ontario they can't crow within the city limits..... sounds like they should consider both laws?! Holloywood has a law that you cant drive over 2,000 sheep down Hollywood blvd at the same time...And all I can think is... seriously WHO in Hollywood has 2,000 sheep and how in the hell do you take more than a hundred sheep anywhere at anytime? Okay, okay, okay...this one gets me and instigated this WHOLE blog..... Did you know that in Long Beach it is illegal to curse on a mini golf course.... and cars are the ONLY thing permitted to be in you garage? First off all I can't even think of a single Mini Golf Course in Long Beach  and seriously who doesn't use their garage for the multi-use storage facility? And what ass hole had their garage so over filled that it spontaneously combusted, in turn ruining it for the rest of us pack rats? After doing a bit more reading I have learned that San Francisco has some of the strangest laws of any place in California.... Its against the law is Frisco to wipe dirty underwear on a car or give oral sex...... The first one I can see... okay true its pretty fuckin disgusting for you to wipe your dirty underpants on a car; however, I can NOT believe that oral sex is against the law in San Francisco.... It just doesn't make sense, especially since San Francisco is one of the most liberal places in California.... I think I actually saw a man give oral sex to another man at the pride festival a few years ago up there..... So I wonder how many street bowling, blow job, shit pants, 2000 sheep, stuff in garage tickets have been written and who is the idiot that got the first one?

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