Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blessed are those who love.....

I wanted to write you a story, a poem or a fable.... actually I was hoping to make love to you on that table.... and then I remembered, this girls on her best behavior and my goodness am I lucky that your not my neighbor. Because I have gotten a handle on your needs and another on your heart.... and most of my energy focused on a less complex body part. Im in as many pieces as that glass I dropped upon your floor, and just a closed or open as your ever swinging front door... but the one thing I know to be solid, the one thing I know to be true is that not a day goes by when I don't want to make sweet love to you. I wasn't ready when I met you... I had a lot of life to live, I pretended I could return all the love you had to give. I knew my potential then, far surpassed my action, and I am so sorry I didn't give you a bit more satisfaction. But here I am remembering whats and when... "I know I fucked up before".... "but I promise to be nothing like I was back then"..... Your my friend first and I truly want you to be happy.... and Lover I am so so sorry this blogs a little sappy! Its just you seem to walk back in and remind me of why I loved you from the jump street, Im holding on to those words you say  like somehow they are mine to keep....  If the traffic on the road to your heart soon fades, please let me know because there is plenty of love to be made... Blessed love

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