Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trust No Bitch....

The secret is in the sauce.... or at least "that's what she said" and all that keeps running through my mind is how I should have stayed in bed.
He has a baby, and shes got one on the way, they just got married and I think he proposed yesterday... and then there is my life. The one that has been plotted from day one, somehow all my knots untied and my plots have been undone... I have patience and hope just as much as the next, a bit of pure conviction that leaves most men perplexed. But somehow I feel it already appropriately true... that the only way a man would stick is if I were made of glue. I have to stop acting like only I know because while I might know a real good way, there is a million ways to grow. Its purely my own doing that I am almost too difficult to comprehend but I would have to blame the liars, cheats and ass holes for for my hearts surviving on liquid mend.... Mean mean girl... can't keep her smart ass mouth shut, but at least my condescending self lets you know what is what..... Not feeding you lies... that renders me your queen or just some bitch, just like the thin line between love and hate... you alone can decide which is which....Photobucket

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