Thursday, October 15, 2009

Growing....Growing.... Gone!

"But I have come a long way...." was the last thing I uttered before you smiled and turned away.... and it was just then that I realized... you see right through me. You know where Im coming from, and remember most of where I have been, everything came full circle for you and me just then. I said I was sorry for all of the messes I have made, with depth and image so vivid you would think it was Thomas Kincade. Forgive me of my faults, mistakes, accidents, and shame forgive me for the conspiracy, plotting and unnecessary blame.... I know not how simple your life was way back then.... I know not a way to take my mind from what could have been.... Stepping on your heart and balls wasn't my great intention, I really wanted to love you, but that I forgot to mention....
Lost in the anomaly commonly known as my own mind, unsure how to let go of the pieces my heart has intertwined. Never fully closing my own doors... getting many slammed hard in my face. Knocks me down a peg or two and puts me right in my place!

Back on my knees.... but if Im here all alone.... who am I to please?
Maybe I should pray....


    I stood and watched
    as the warm autumn breeze
    sprinkled multi-colored leaves
    upon the freshly cut lawn.
    Deep inside I ached
    for each of the trees—
    separated from their children forever
    who now return slowly to mother earth.
    Like mine own heart
    stripped bare of all that I have known—
    seemingly endless days and nights
    of this loneliness.
    Then the fingers of the sun
    reached up and over the mountain,
    touching my eyes and mind
    warming my soul to myself.
    [WHO AM I?]


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