Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Missy.... Missy.... Missy

I dropped my voice down and octave just to let love in. Took a few steps back and now the music begins.... Its those moments when you least expect her. God finds a way to make art of this life's blur. Fucked up, beat down and sittin at the bottom. Watchin the sun fade away like it was autumn. Who's to blame and who's leaving here bloody. There is a lesson in life man I think you should study. As far back as you even want to remember. That life was harvesting your soul like it was November. Pick up the pieces and swear its the last time. I believe that shit cause you like a different kinda shine. Your too pretty little lady to let hope go. Your too smart for that baby just though you should know. Your more than what you've expected lately. Your a part of a universe that needs you greatly. If tomorrow never comes Im glad your back on the outside. Please keep that smile and know you never have to hide. You've come way to far to forget what your all about. The fire in your soul could never burn out. xo Soul Sister

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fuck Cancer

It was just that moment when everything around me changed. I knew from that point forward I wasn't allowed to take anything for granted. And up until this point in my life I had the impression that there was something owed to me. As complex as a love gone wrong and as simple as a rock that stubs our toe can redirect the entire path that we will walk tomorrow. But at the end of the day... there isn't much that actually matters other than those we get to share it with.

When the fog clears and cancer is all your left with to identify a period of your life it is quite apparent what really matters. It isn't the things you have acquired, or the recognition that you gained from onlookers, or even the money you have saved, won or squandered away. Its the moments of enlightened awe, and expressions of love, the kind words on a hard day, a new found respect from your parents, or even the extended hug from an old friend when reunited.

When you haven't left your bed for 5 days and the television seems to be your only friend, you remember who visits and who calls.... You also learn that some people are emotional health liabilities and better at arms length. Why its not necessary for everyone to like you and how it is completely healthy to know that some people, just simply aren't for you. Its a very vulnerable time, I felt completely open, immune system shot, spirits in the dump, self esteem down, skin color yellowed, energy low and all I keep asking myself is what are the lessons I am to learn here? Why is this happening to me now? What am I to gain?

This is what I have so far....
*The love of family and and good friend can heal...but only if you let it in.
*A family can be the most epic support system or the largest weight we carry
*Embrace every moment of happiness.
*Laughing saves lives
*Cancer is just a nicer word developed to replace "western civilization poisoning our bodies and destroying our cells to make things cheaper and faster and bigger"
*Death is real in life, and life is real in death
*No one controls how you feel but you!
*We find our Karma in the way we respond to situations
*Dogs make great friends
*Vitamin D... SUNSHINE!
*A garden is an excellent place to meditate
*Anger is one part fear, one part disappointment, two parts frustration shaken in the whatever cup you call life.
*Peace is what you find when you stop looking for acceptance and embrace the love within you.
*Love is what you find when you start making yourself an asset to those you hold dear and relinquish the ego.
*Life is this moment....


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Secrets of my Soul

I have a snow man on my shelf....
Melting away at himself....
The room is heating up and the memory is fading
And how long can I love you is all I'm contemplating
Life is an anomaly, I read somewhere on a wall.
That was before I knew what it meant to really fall
And it was on that day, I knew I was doomed right then and there
My love will never end, and of that please love be aware
Pressed up against a wall, I find myself looking out to find my way back in
Wondering what, where and when?
Life has a little secret that he is waiting to tell
Am I receiving the wishes I have thrown down your wishing well?
Or will you or I find another along the way?
Wondering if I will stay or walk away....