Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Missy.... Missy.... Missy

I dropped my voice down and octave just to let love in. Took a few steps back and now the music begins.... Its those moments when you least expect her. God finds a way to make art of this life's blur. Fucked up, beat down and sittin at the bottom. Watchin the sun fade away like it was autumn. Who's to blame and who's leaving here bloody. There is a lesson in life man I think you should study. As far back as you even want to remember. That life was harvesting your soul like it was November. Pick up the pieces and swear its the last time. I believe that shit cause you like a different kinda shine. Your too pretty little lady to let hope go. Your too smart for that baby just though you should know. Your more than what you've expected lately. Your a part of a universe that needs you greatly. If tomorrow never comes Im glad your back on the outside. Please keep that smile and know you never have to hide. You've come way to far to forget what your all about. The fire in your soul could never burn out. xo Soul Sister