Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Self....

The choices I make not only affect me, they affect those around me and for that I feel responsible on some level for the happiness of those that I care about. I feel like being selfish got me to a certian point, being selfless got be to another and now I have to be self conscious and selfless in such a way that I am able to find that perfect balance for those I want to keep close in my life.

Tonight I am going to remember....

Sometimes you may have to give up what you want right now for what you have wanted for your whole life. You may have to give up something for yourself to give something to those you love. At the end of the day you might even have to give up your own sense of safety and well beeing to help another. But after a while it doesn't feel like your giving up anything at all.... after all love is never lost only redirected....

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