Monday, December 28, 2009

Heart Story....

Paper mache heart....made up of tiny newspapers and art
created by the composers and characters of my life...

There is a painting of a heart, dripping to the floor... a coupon for happily ever after... 2 for 1 drink specials....

Many articles left behind are written in a foreign language I have yet to learn and covered by the score of last weeks Charger game.
Some leave classified adds....."For Sale, one soul.... will take drugs, sex, or melodrama."
Others leave personal adds "SWM, no social skills, with eyes to kill, lives just below fickel hill and will do anything for a cheap thrill."
I know that my heart is
Some headlines read "Bar room brawl, leads to high speed chase." You can never read the details you just have to wait for a personal encounter...Others are insipid, overly critical and decisive leaving me to wonder, what did I do? At what point do you make more than just an article on my heart?

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