Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Return to Faith....

Last night I had a client (who is a very dear friend also) that was scheduled for a meeting. He called to tell me that he was going to have to reschedule due to a group that he had made prior commitment to at a local church. As it turns out this local church is a church that I attended for a couple years nearly three years ago... this church is the first place I really ever felt the presence of God in my life...this church is ALSO how I met the author of the lovely hate letter that I posted a few days ago. Irony? Yes......coincidence? Very doubtful.

It was just then that I realized I had to go to this group...I had no idea what it was about... I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew it was the Big Guy tapping on my shoulder saying...."Grace Nichole.... Patience Nichole....Love Nichole.... LESSONS NICHOLE!".... SO I went.

As it turns out the entire group, well actually its a 5 week course is about the struggle that people have every day in living a life of Grace, Patience, Love, Respect.... its about the little things that chip away at our integrity, and most of all how easy it is to do the wrong thing... and how the right thing is usually the tougher route. The course is called Faith Works Deadly Viper Character Assassins and it is being held through Parkcrest Church.... and I have only been in the first week, but I highly recommend it.

Man was I ashamed....I had a million things that I had written, little angry hurtful rebuttals to my "friends" response to me and my attitude and judgment. Telling her of all her issues, and the things that makes her a bad friend, but why? So that I can do the EXACT thing that she just did to me, so that I might assure her that I am not the the only fallen sinner. But why? She is a wonderful person, with a heart of gold and potential to be anything she sets her mind to... But I wanted to tell her everything else. Because my character was put into question and I went into attack mode, doing exactly what the forces of evil wanted me to do... put more anger and hate into the world. Its like we are every day faced with choices, cross roads, options that will either show the world how great you are or prove to everyone why society is failing... But Gods Love will not allow me to go down that path, I must fight against the anger that I feel and return it with love, pray for my friend who hates me, love those who don't have any for themselves, and take each day as a blessing and a lesson of who I can be.
Love is all you need.
Never give up on anyone you can not go a day without thinking about.....


  1. the other side of the oceanApril 24, 2009 at 5:16 AM

    Don't forget Yourself if you find yourself in the hands of someone else (also if these hands are good hands => Gods).

  2. That is true... I do not think I will ever be 100% in the hands of anything or one other than myself...but in God I do know I can find my peace. :-)


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