Thursday, September 17, 2009


You left your heart on my pillow just before you kissed me goodnight, and as much as I would love to keep it and hold it close, I have a felling that just isn't right....
I think you might be needing it back in your chest. Time wounds all heals and I think you may need a rest. And as much as I would love to be your blanket to hold close in the night, the pillow you lay your worries on and your soothing voice to tell you every little things gonna be alright. I just can't..
Your story to real, and mirrored to my own.... only the story I didn't write, the one before I was grown. Im so sorry my sweet.... I can't tell you how to handle what your going through, still fearful of walking away from you.
But none the less here you are my dear, I am giving this bloody mess back to do with it what you will. Although I must admit longing for you was quite a thrill......
I refuse be your everything, when you wont even let me know who you are, then every little bit I learn leaves me with a little scar..... Be about you, be about change, be about true be somewhat strange... Remember where your came from, where your going, where you have been, remember to take that new car for a spin. Don't forget whats your priority, remember love is the minority, and that you have authority to make love, break love, hope love, poke love, take love, fake love, peace love..... peace love..... peace love.....until then.... love

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  1. Wow. Thats It:(
    Nichole Reading this Beautifully worded tragedy really stirred up all kinds of spiteful feelings toward u ,and we've never met:(
    Thats me standing alone with the empty-bloody chest and blue denim.
    Tim (in search of..)

    poetry+immitating life= heartbreak.


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